Speaking Topics

The NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible is abundant with inspiration and garden metaphor sure to add enthusiasm and delight to any event. Where listeners aspire to grow in their endeavors, you need Shelley to rally their hearts with her refreshing viewpoint. Speaking topics focus on 4 general themes and can be adapted as needed to venue and program length.

Plant God’s Word in your Garden.

For gardeners & garden interest groups.

Shelley reveals the ingenious use of horticultural detail found in the Scriptures and shows listeners how they can grow these very same plants, connecting their garden plots to a source of age-old inspiration. One’s daily life and garden routine can become a rich planting of so much more. Audiences will leave believing their own gardens to be among God’s great garden stories.

Inspiring your Garden Stories.

For garden & fiction writers.

God’s Word uses horticultural detail in brilliant ways to emphasize its truths and teaching moments. Shelley reveals inferences, puns and play on words in Bible stories. Writers will be inspired to layer meaning and metaphor in their own writing.

The Story of the Story.

For audiences of all kinds.

Hear behind-the-scenes stories about the hilarious ways in which Shelley lived her book as she wrote it. Shelley will testify to God’s perfect timing and personal touch through throughout the 5 year journey of writing and assembling NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible.

Why you Need to Read the Bible like a Gardener.

For church & religious audiences.

Key concepts from keeping and tending a garden will help listeners to better understand and appreciate the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments. Shelley teaches audiences that thinking like a gardener gives them the power to put God’s Word into practice in their daily routines.

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