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A Lenten Dig into Prayer

Dig into Prayer meme with garden shovels and trowels

The Garden in Delight blog leads you deeper into prayer this holy season: As the garden wakes up in spring to the work of overturning soil, pulling up dead plants, and digging spots for new ones, so let us put those shovels, spades, and trowels to work as metaphor and Dig into Prayer. At its […]

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Garden Tools in Hand

garden tools in hand

Garden tools serve as handy metaphors for the disciplines of the faith. Just as tools help cultivate a garden, faith disciplines help us nurture a relationship with God. Though often they amplify the heart cry for God to fix things! Likewise, today’s featured tools help highlight and reinforce the cultivating, nurturing, coaxing, waiting, tending nature […]

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Hope Refreshed

crabapple trees in Quebec, Canada

O, the hope in knowing that just on the other side of these hot August days are the crisp nights of Autumn, with a revitalizing chill at dusk and dawn! “Refresh me with apples,” the beloved appeals (Song of Songs 2:5), stirring visions of one of fall’s favorite crops. Wait with me, hope with me, in whatever […]

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God Bless our Soldiers

US military men and women return to American soil to work the soil

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate our freedom as citizens of the United States of America, our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for those in our military who have secured and protected our freedom. What could be better than the willingness of these individuals to serve our nation? The safe return of our heroes to […]

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