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Pistachio Bread

Pistachio Bread ring

Sometimes we don’t find Bible plants. They find us! Their discovery is a reunion in our souls, an infusion of giddiness connecting us at once to God, His story, and His love—sweet delights and remembrances that parade right past intellect to the gentle place of knowing, soon resting in the quiet confidence of trusting. Best […]

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A Bearing Fruit Breakfast

granola made with Bible ingredients

For those of you who have been reading NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible since springtime, you must be nearly to the essays on Bearing Fruit. One of the strongest garden metaphors in God’s Word, fruit bearing is pictured wonderfully in the horticultural details of pomegranates and pistachios. Enjoy a breakfast recipe celebrating both fruits, and more of […]

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Patient Endurance Pesto

pesto recipe made with pistachios

So much for summer heat—most of the country has been on the cool side since Saturday, the first day of summer, or socked-in with storms. What’s a gardener to do on a rainy day? Cook from the garden! Pesto, a savory sauce made from basil, showcases homegrown herbs in the most delightful way. What connects […]

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