A-to-Z Primer of Plants from God’s Word

“Are you working on another book?” I am frequently asked. Well, I think so, Yes…or to be more accurate, another book seems to be growing before me! Out of the cozy moments curled-up, reading to our children, and the sheer delight of the treasured Scriptures and stories contained in plants and landscapes of the Bible,  A-to-Z Primer of Plants from God’s Word is growing.

Pitter-patter, rhyme and meter is the voice of this devotional. Linger in these excerpts as they evolve from the Garden in Delight blog to a beautiful, illustrated book to enjoy, give to a garden-loving friend, or read aloud to a grandchild.

A-to-Z Primer of Plants from God’s Word

Click the links below to the alphabet plants from God’s Word as they first appeared in blog posts at www.gardeninDelight.com. Be sure as you are reading to click links to concepts and phrases directly inserted from God’s Word.

A is for Almond is for almond

one of Israel’s best trees
yielding fall nut-fruits
from spring’s busy bees.

“a land flowing with milk and honey,”… See More


B is for Bitter Herbs

is for bitter herbs

the small story beginner
in the deliverance drama
of Passover dinner.

Bitter, harsh oppression the ancient Israelites suffered….See More


C is for Cedar of Lebanonis for cedar

but not just any one;
we are sing-songing here
for the cedar of Lebanon.

Splendid in beauty….See More


D is for date palm

is for date palm,

a desert delight.
To travelers worn out—
sweet relief in sight.

Straight, slender, tall trunks…See More


E is for Eaglewood drop capis for eaglewood, a sensational soaring

of exotic scent-imagery;
an aroma produced
in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees.

Other given names: agarwood, aloes…See More


F is for Fig drop cap sketchis for fig tree,

a Bible plant indeed.
The first species mentioned
that we can taste and see.

More than good, figs are luscious—…See More


G is for garlic drop cap sketchis for garlic

O, let us gush!!
In praise and thanksgiving
for the savory rush

of flavor that garlic...See More


H is for Hyssop

is for hyssop

a lowly, green plant,
with a scent and a story
certain to enchant.

Hyssop grows in fierce sunlight…See More


drop cap Jis for juniper

evergreen in Israel’s land,
a lovely respite
from the dull browns of sand

and arid terrain found across its southern region…. See More


www.gardeninDelight.com captures Bible plants in primer poetryis for bay laurel tree

by its leaves we know it;
noteworthy of the noble Lord:
The Word-became-flesh Poet.

In ancient Greece, fresh swags of green…See More


M is for mustard, a Bible plant standing for GOd's possibilities Matthew 17:20is for mustard

seeds made famous in God’s Word.
Mentioned many times by Jesus,
their message must be heard.

Wake up! The smallest will grow and become…See More


N is for nigellais for nigella,

the prettiest posy yet
to grace in rhyme and meter
the Bible-plants alphabet.
This nice garden flourish….See More


O is for Olive Drop Capis for olive tree,

if there were only one
to picture the peace
we have in the Son

then olive would show us…See More


P is for Pomegranateis for pomegranate

that makes a big splash;
God’s wonderful blessing
revealed in a flash

of its multitude of seeds—…See More 


Q is for quercus sketch

is for Quercus,

the genus of oak trees,
set apart in Scripture
when one’s faith feels the squeeze.

Questions surely quiz us…See More



S drop cap for star of Bethlehemis for star of Bethlehem,

a small, Holy Land flower,
which, to a city under siege,
became Samaria’s pricey flour.

A momentary mention in a crisis-story …See More



U is for umbels drop capis for umbellifers,

a family of flavorsome plants
scattered humbly in few Bible verses,
nonetheless grounding God’s Word in the land.

Particular details, the umbels embellish…See More


carved grapevine detail

The Vinedresser’s Creed

Matching species to climate,
and terrain to vine’s need
Of air circulation —
morning’s dew must be freed…See More



W is for Wheatis for wheat

earth’s finest flour milled from standing grain;
watered in the holy land
by winter and spring rains.

The ancient cereal is well-known…See More


Y celebrates mYrtle treesLet’s celebrate Y

with mYrtle, the leafY trees
whose branches renown,
are lifted ceremoniously

to add festive fragrance….See More


Z is for Zera' drop capis for zera’

the Hebrew word for “seed.”
A garden’s humble miracle:
this year’s harvest will succeed

in a bounty for next year!…See More



All poems, sketches and photos © Shelley S. Cramm

“The Vinedresser’s Creed” first appeared in God’s Word for Gardeners Bible in the Away from the Last Supper devotions, page 1220

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