Poetry Primer with Plants from God’s Word

use bay laurel sprigs for fresh holiday greenery which will dry throughout the year and provide flavor for soups and sauces

What work is next up to infuse gardens with God’s Word?

It just may be…(drumroll, please)

A primer of poetry!

A-to-Z Plants from God’s Word, does that sound like fun?

There are significances in Scripture behind every one

of these plants; somehow setting them to rhyme and meter

makes studying them so much sweeter.

Enough already?!

As plants are added to the Plant Guide,

I hope to add the flourish of my silly, hopeless, poet’s side!

Behold the first poem that came to me

when delving into Laurus nobilis,  the green bay or bay laurel tree.

P.S. I later found out Psalm 37, Scripture host of the elusive herb, is itself an acrostic Hebrew poem!

www.gardeninDelight.com captures Bible plants in primer poetry is for bay laurel tree,

by its leaves we know it;

noteworthy of the noble Lord:

The Word-became-flesh Poet.

In ancient Greece, fresh swags of green

adorned those with applause.

Now a chef’s crown, dry bay leaves

flavor soups and sauce.

In this contrast of green and dry,

Jesus posed a burning question,

referring to prophesy and psalm

matters beyond digestion.

While evil appears to flourish in our scenery,

how much more will dry wood burn than fresh greenery?


Muttered as he dragged heavy trunk,

cut and dried to impart his death;

to the wicked in momentary power

his fate seemed to be left.

No, no, he could not be condemned!

From the depths Jesus sprung up:

Conquering death, conquering evil,

delivering salvation’s cup.

Hope in the Lord! The day is coming

which will end our strife.

The One hung on a tree has triumphed

so we share in the tree of life.

Its leaves are the healing of the nations—

from dry to green, a victory celebration!

So keep anxiety at bay—
there is much to do until
evil’s ultimate defeat:
Trust, do good, take delight and refuge, commit, enjoy, be still.


©2014-18 by Shelley S. Cramm

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See our latest addition to the Plant Guide!

Bay Laurel, Laurus nobilis, or Green Bay Tree from Psalm 37:35

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4 Responses to Poetry Primer with Plants from God’s Word

  1. Deborah McKissic September 26, 2014 at 6:50 am #

    Oh, Shelley, you are a poet! I read and re-read your poem…to dwell on those words and take it all in..the message of the Lord hidden there! I do not have a bay laurel and it is a plant I have thought about for a long time..in our zone 6, I need to bring it in in the winter…but, I love the thought of having one ..so, I am going to order one and keep it through the winter and post your poem so I can keep it through the winter, also! I am not sure I would ever get enough leaves to make a wreath…but, yours in the picture above is surely beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration! I am going to go read what it says in my Gardeners bible about the bay laurel…have a good weekend there!

    • Shelley September 26, 2014 at 10:20 am #

      Deborah, I am so excited at your excitement:-) I can hear in your words you catching hold of the delight in God’s Word…the intrigue of His meanings around the plants move me to tend them myself, learn more about them, taste them, grow them – it’s a hilariously goofy process in one regard, yet deeply connecting in another. The wreath in the picture I bought from a farm (see resources under Bay Laurel) – I agree, it will be awhile before my one gallon “tree” yields enough for swags and wreaths. But worth the wait! In the meantime, a bay leaf in every soup pot! Along with laud for our Lord!

  2. Judy Davidson November 26, 2018 at 10:22 pm #

    Shelley, your visit to Laurelwood Bapt was just tremendous. Friends are still talking about your visit!! Thank you, for your love for the Lord, His Word and our church as you use your amazing gift to minister day after day after day!!

    • Shelley Cramm November 27, 2018 at 12:59 pm #

      Thank you, Judy! What fun to gather for “Bay Laurel Day” and celebrate just like they did in Nehemiah 8, with great joy for deeper understanding of His Word!! May the little tree at LBC grow and grow!

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