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Bitter Herbs Blitz

growing bitter herbs escarole detail

Do you feel fall in the air? September sends signs of autumn in the subtle changes of light and slightly cooler breezes. Although this year, anything goes with the fearful, eventful hurricanes, earthquakes, and hail! Still, by the end of the month, fall will be official and garden time will be filled with clean up […]

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Bitter Herbs Banter

bowl of bitter herbs

This weekend brings Passover celebrations to the Jewish community, no better time to add bitter herbs to the Garden in Delight Plant Guide! “Bitter herbs” is a general, non-botanical term in the Bible, leaving several candidates that were likely growing in ancient Egypt at the time God appointed them to the Passover meal—plenty to banter […]

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3 Ways Dandelions Draw Us to God’s Word

bowl of dandelion leaves

Free at last, we are going back to the garden after our Lenten bread journey! And what will be the first plant to greet us, in spring’s rush of sprouting? Dandelions, among the many weeds in the mad dash of growth this time of year. Dandelions are not named specifically in the Bible. However, many […]

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Weed & Barley Recipe

Wasabi Arugula gone wild in the garden

The coming of spring also means the coming of weeds. Some pretend that a weed is just a plant growing where it isn’t wanted. True, I planted wasabi arugula last year, eager to try a full range of mustard family greens, excited for their possibilities (Matthew 17:20). Yet this spring, I am witnessing first-hand the […]

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