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Garden Goofs & Bible Humor

green bay tree all dried up

Several goof-ups in my garden this season would otherwise upset and discourage me. Instead, I am seeing Bible humor! Why? Because in each case, a verse from God’s Word came instantly to mind in a flourish of subtle tease, much like the time I was stung by paper wasps the very week of working on […]

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A Lenten Look at Trees: Bay Laurel

spring branches from bay laurel trees

A Lenten Look at Trees features seven tree species, a sweeping journey from the Garden of Eden to palm’s Sunday prominence, preparing our hearts for the day Jesus hung on a tree. Some trees along the way may be well-suited for your garden; others may be more suitable for the table, their fruits found easily […]

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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Atlanta?


Once again, The Association of Garden Communicators (GWA) gathered its gaggle of writers, editors, photographers, videographers, marketers, etc. for its annual conference—nothing is more fun than being with a group who loves everything garden and who are crazy to communicate the joy and intrigue in a meaningful way. We took Atlanta by storm; literally the […]

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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Pasadena?

Sycomore fruit and leaf LA ARboretum

Last month garden writers assembled to fill our hearts with fortitude and the forward progress that comes in gathering together. The Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium is a joyful congregation of writers of all sorts—blogs, books, garden news columns, garden catalogs, etc.—along with those who represent the full range of our writing material: plant propagators, […]

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Poetry Primer with Plants from God’s Word

use bay laurel sprigs for fresh holiday greenery which will dry throughout the year and provide flavor for soups and sauces

What work is next up to infuse gardens with God’s Word? It just may be…(drumroll, please) A primer of poetry! A-to-Z Plants from God’s Word, does that sound like fun? There are significances in Scripture behind every one of these plants; somehow setting them to rhyme and meter makes studying them so much sweeter. Enough already?! […]

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Savory Seeds

Nigella sativa flower and seed pod

The Garden in Delight Plant Guide has two new beloved Middle Eastern spices, savory seeds fruiting from nigella and cumin flowers, unique plants you can grow in your garden. God’s Word cites these two crops in Isaiah 28, noting the details of sowing and harvesting these blossoming annuals after grains were taken up in spring. […]

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Luxuriant Leaves

Bay Laurel Laurus noblis it true to its luxuriant name in the NIV Bible

My acquaintance with bay leaves began by way of cooking. My mother introduced us when I was young by seasoning her vermouth broth with the savory leaves when serving Dungeness crab, a delicious winter dinner when the season peaks for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn’t connect the herbal leaves to […]

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