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Author & gardener Shelley S. Cramm refreshes her audience by exploring the oldest gardening book from a gardener’s point of view. No other book examines gardening knowledge and wisdom with such devotion and detail. She is currently speaking and inspiring those interested in gardening and “growing their own” good things to grow their faith alongside their garden, connecting the beauty of the Word to the land.



GWA: The Association of Garden Communicators Annual Meeting

GWA: The Association of Garden Communicators Annual Meeting

Location:Buffalo, NY, US
Date:August 4, 2017
Join garden writers, bloggers, photographers, speakers and communicators from across the world for special events designed to make new connections and reconnect with old friends. This year's education schedule will be jam-packed with insightful and dynamic sessions from leaders in the industry, focusing on horticulture, writing, technology, business, publishing and much more. Buffalo is home to amazing public and private gardens and this year's tour line-up will feature a fantastic group of gardens, covering a wide array of techniques and trends. Enjoy special access to amazing public gardens as well as exclusive tours of beautiful private gardens.
A Garden Tour of the Bible

A Garden Tour of the Bible

Location:Dallas, TX, US
Date:September 15, 2017
Shelley S. Cramm joins the Growing Saints Garden Club monthly meeting, presenting "A Garden Tour of the Bible: 7 Gardens from Eden to Revelation." We all know everything began in the Garden of Eden, but gardeners will delight in hearing Shelley highlight garden landscapes all the way through to Revelation. This lively presentation is sure to dazzle and infuse Biblical truths with new wonder, leaving behind lasting garden metaphors to guide through all of life's landscapes.
Bloom-Grow-Blossom with the Almond Tree

Bloom-Grow-Blossom with the Almond Tree

Location:Dallas, TX, US
Date:September 27, 2017
Shelley S. Cramm joins the Dallas Chapter P.E.O. to kick off their year's theme, "Bloom-Grow-Blossom." Whether considering personal growth or the growth of an organization, God reveals his plan and approach for growth in the blossoming almond tree, spring's first blooming tree in the Holy Land. Shelley explains how this tree's message is powerful in teaching us what to watch for.
Laurelwood Women’s Retreat

Laurelwood Women’s Retreat

Location:Raymond, WA, US
Date:April 20, 2018
Laurelwood Baptist Church Women's Minsitry is proud to announce Shelley S. Cramm, author of devotions for God's Word for Gardeners Bible, will be the featured speaker for the annual spring women's retreat. The cool, refreshing woodlands and rushing waters of Falls Creek provide excellent scenery for soaking in the garden themes and metaphors in God's Word.


Central Texas Gardener

What People Are Saying About Shelley

"enthusiastic and heart-filled presentation!"
Mona Wyatt
Programs Chairperson
Irving Garden & Arts Club
With insightful devotions that draw on the reader’s love for gardening, Shelley lovingly shares her personal discoveries about the plants, landscapes, and common cultivating practices shared throughout the bible.  Shelley is a gem of biblical gardening wisdom.
Jennifer Ebeling
Creator & Host
“Shelley gives spiritual insight that refreshes, bringing the gardener to the ‘ah-hah’ moment: ‘Ah yes! Now I see God’s life message so clearly! He surely IS the gardener in our lives.'”
Lynne M. Carpenter

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Past Events

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Delta Glamorous Shopping Event - Richardson, TX, US, 11/17/2015
Carrollton Farmers Market - Carrollton, TX, US, 11/08/2015

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