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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Pasadena?

Sycomore fruit and leaf LA ARboretum

Last month garden writers assembled to fill our hearts with fortitude and the forward progress that comes in gathering together. The Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium is a joyful congregation of writers of all sorts—blogs, books, garden news columns, garden catalogs, etc.—along with those who represent the full range of our writing material: plant propagators, […]

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A Grapevine Toast

carved grapevine detail

A grapevine toast from the wine country of Sonoma, California! Our recent visit to the area endeared me all the more to grapevines and their culture, infusing grapevine Scriptures with a new depth of delight for having walked a land growing with grapes. Cheers, and welcome grapevine to the Plant Guide. Garden Visit to Robert […]

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Garden Contrasts and the Wandering Way

wandering Jew in morning sunlight

Contrasts have fascinated me throughout this spring and summer season. In my speeches, we have been exploring stories from God’s Word of garden and desert, lush and barren landscapes, and garden expressions of darkness and light. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 NIV No wonder, then, […]

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A Glory of Lebanon Garden

Cedar of Lebanon Cones upright on the branch

‘Tis the season for greenery! How glorious to celebrate Christmas by decking the halls with evergreen boughs – their faithful hues and fresh fragrance soothing and triumphant all in one whiff! Wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees add wonder; God’s Word agrees, proclaiming the glory of bringing in branches to beautify: The glory of Lebanon will […]

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Repurpose Branches in your Garden

Repurpose branches for a Halloween doorway

You know you’re beginning to be a real gardener when your kids become convinced you’re crazy. “No, Mom, No! No more branches!” they shriek as I slow down on a side street, looking over tree trimmings left for brush and bulky waste pick up. “You are out of your mind, Paul!” [Festus] shouted. “Your great learning […]

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