Fresh Kale & Date Salad

kale date salad stands up to summer heat

Need a salad that stands up to the summer heat, packed with summer sweetness and the taste-and-see goodness of God’s Word? Try the following Fresh Kale & Date Salad recipe, a variation on traditional coleslaw. The leaves listed in the ingredients can be grown in the home garden, found at the farmer’s market, or grocery store. Try purple kale and purple basil for a pleasing-to-the-eye presentation.

For the hint of honey-sweet that characterizes coleslaw, I featured dates, a flourish of the tremendous stature date palms have in the Bible, along with hearts of palm to highlight the upright tree and add even more flavor and fun!

kale date salad ingredientsFresh Kale & Date Salad

kale leaves
spinach leaves
basil leaves
hearts of palm
pitted dates
almond slivers
fresh ground black pepper

2 T. balsamic vinegar
2 T. coconut oil
2 dashes grapeseed oil
2 squirts yellow mustard

Toast almond slivers briefly to enhance flavor. Let cool.

Meanwhile, whisk together dressing ingredients. Use the recipe as a proportional guide; depending on the size of the salad, double, triple, or half the recipe.

Prepare kale leaves coleslaw-style by trimming central rib and shredding leaves in narrow strips. Slice basil leaves similarly. Tear spinach leaves into bite size sections.

Slice hearts of palm sections and pitted dates narrowly as well.

Toss thoroughly all ingredients together except almonds with dressing. Chill until serving. Sprinkle almonds before setting salad on the table.


More About Date Palms

Once seated with your salad, take in the mighty message of God’s righteousness in the latest installment of the A-to-Z Primer of Plants from God’s Word…nourish yourself to stand tall in our Savior!

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D is for date palmis for date palm,
a desert delight.
To travelers worn out—
sweet relief in sight.

Straight, slender, tall trunks,
topped by soaring green fronds.
Their unique stature stands
apart from desert surrounds.

Wait a minute:
Palms are tropical plants,
gracing islands and sunsets
and romantic beach sands.

Why would they grow
in the dry Fertile Crescent,
where water is scant
and heat is incessant?

Their roots spread wide and deep
to springs above and below grade.
To desert sojourners—
signaling water and shade.

The first in the Scriptures
to be refreshed by their view
were the Israelites leaving Egypt—
to Elim, the LORD rescued

where 70 palms greeted them
and 12 water springs, showing
one tree for each ancestor;
water for Jacob’s clans overflowing.

A personal coincidence
that could not be mistaken.
By doing right in the LORD’s eyes,
Israel would not be forsaken.

After years wandering the desert,
their hearts put to the test,
they emerged at Jericho,
the “city of Palms” victory, the best!

Seven times around the city
they marched as the LORD said.
He collapsed the city’s wall,
victory was Israel’s stead.

This seven-lap triumph is
a procession lasting today,
celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles,
palm branches, lulav, held in sway.

Hands lifted high,
waving fronds exultantly;
a similar scene to
Jesus’ triumphal entry

to Jerusalem, Hosanna!
Lord, save us! Grant us success!
Rejoice, rejoice,
in His righteousness.

And what of palm’s fruit?
Massive clusters of dates
grown under branches’ crown;
autumn harvest captivates.

Sweet fruit, from which
date honey is created,
one of the seven fruits promised
in the land that awaited.

fresh 'Medjool' dates
To the spicy, rich, and exotic
their flavor belongs.
Just ask the lover
in Song of Songs.

And so it seems the date palm
hints of righteousness’ flirt and flair;
righteousness and peace kiss each other,
God’s evergreen love in the air!

To this delight and victory
we are all called
where the multitude will gather
before the throne, enthralled.

Salvation belongs to our God!
From Sinai to Revelation—
Hosanna, save I pray!
A forever celebration!

date palm procession“Amen!
Praise and glory
and wisdom and thanks and honor
and power and strength
be to our God for ever and ever.
Revelation 7:12 NIV







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