Keeping Company with Cucumbers

garden in delight fresh cucumber from the vine

Time to sow vegetable garden seeds, indoors in seed pots for those of you with a few more weeks of freeze-worry, or directly in the garden for those of us in the free abandon of spring. The National Garden Bureau has declared 2014 the Year of the Cucumber. Last summer was our first try at the curbits, a delicious adventure that brought an inspiring garden realization and a desire to keep their company every summer in the garden…

Time to put the mail aside and make lunch. A freshly-picked cucumber lay on the cutting board, just in from the garden, rinsed and ready to fill summer sandwiches. As I sliced the cool, crunchy garden treat, its seeds spilled out and spread before me. By this point, a few weeks into harvesting the vegetable-fruits, our vines had abounded; we had cucumber salads, cucumber sandwiches, a simple snack of cucumber and Swiss cheese slices, and cucumber slices in ice-cold water, a surprising refreshment my friend had served. Our three vines yielded as many cucumbers as my family cared to eat, and then some, and then some to love our neighbors with!

And so before me on the cutting board were spilled out enough seeds from ONE slice of ONE of the harvest fruits to fill our garden next year. One slice held all the seeds we needed, yet how many slices in how many cucumbers had graced us already for the summer, with many yet to come? All of a sudden I was astounded at the abundance—the extravagant testimony of this common garden produce. These simple seeds seemed to surround me with so much, as if whispering God’s words

in ALL things

at ALL times

having ALL you need…

2 Corinthians 9:8

His words seemed perfectly plain and logical in the context of this cutting board. The freshly-revealed seeds from the watery flesh convinced me of God’s promise to abound in every good work. How much I needed to know that! The bills and burdens nearby were no match for the brilliant simplicity of the seeds’ story, and I became certain that I ought to set aside the mail a little more often…much better to keep company with cucumbers!

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  1. Judy Davidson April 27, 2014 at 10:10 pm #

    You did it, Shelley. You enticed me to plant and nurture cucumbers this year :-)). Thank you for nudging me in the right direction.

    Much love,

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