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New Plant Index for God’s Word for Gardeners

plants index title page with BIble garden plants

The days are fewer and fewer until the devotional essays of God’s Word for Gardeners Bible are published all new—in a revised, illustrated format. What fun it will be to enjoy glorious scenery and botanical flourish on the pages of plants and Words from Scripture, an inspiring daily dose of God’s beauty from His holy […]

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A Lenten Look at Trees: Oak

acorns grow oak trees

A Lenten Look at Trees features seven tree species, a sweeping journey from the Garden of Eden to palm’s Sunday prominence, preparing our hearts for the day Jesus hung on a tree. Some trees along the way may be well-suited for your garden; others may be more suitable the table, their fruits found easily in […]

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First Day of Winter

fisrt day of winter roses and devotions

The calendar has caught up with the snow cover, and today is the first day of winter—also the last day of the year to have so little light! Darkness ushers us indoors before dinnertime; may we be encouraged to devote longer evening hours to searching the Lord’s stillness. Enjoy an excerpt from God’s Word for […]

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Autumn’s Arrival

autumn devotion from God's Word for Gardeners Bible

Welcome autumn, the glorious season of crisp air with a whiff of cozy firesides ahead–though it’s a mad-scramble season, actually. Gardeners are eager to get things cleaned up and get indoors before the first freeze. Dropping temperatures send us scurrying, cease the strive of plants to flower, and let leaves loose to litter the lawn…though all of […]

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Welcome Summer

summer devotions smothered in basil

Welcome summer today, June 20, 2016. The heat is on! In honor of the year’s longest day and higher temperatures, the “Summer” devotion excerpt from God’s Word for Gardeners Bible is shared below, from the Garden Stories series on Seasons. Hopefully your weather hasn’t hit the heat of a furnace, but ours feels close! So […]

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National Day of Prayer

US flag in star jasmine for the national day of prayer

The National Day of Prayer is a day of common ground, “bringing together citizens to celebrate our most beloved freedom; the freedom to humbly come before God and seek His guidance in prayer,” quoted from Easy enough for us gardeners…on our knees anyway, as they say! Enjoy an excerpt from God’s Word for Gardeners […]

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Whisper Winter

winters last whisper rose with GO'ds Word for Gardeners Bible

Tonight begins actual winter, though its plunging cold nights, frosts, and snow flurries have heralded the season here and there for weeks. And despite the calendar and the solstice, a few flowers may be lingering in your garden??? Whisper roses often linger in winter light in our yard, inspiring the “Winter” devotion in God’s Word for Gardeners […]

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving wheat and vine harvest

HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! From our home garden to yours, we thank you for being our readers and gardeners. You are a blessing in our lives! We are grateful to grow a community of those who love to see the Lord and his wisdom in the land, ready to taste and see His goodness in gardening […]

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Autumn Apples

Apples fill a bike basket-filtered

Autumn is here and hopefully trees are heavy-laden with apples, their crisp, tart crunch capturing the brisk air and invigorating flavor that we love about fall. Bundle up for a bike ride or orchard picking–or a bike ride to orchard picking! Or celebrate autumn’s arrival by falling into an apple devotion, featured in God’s Word for […]

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Hope Refreshed

crabapple trees in Quebec, Canada

O, the hope in knowing that just on the other side of these hot August days are the crisp nights of Autumn, with a revitalizing chill at dusk and dawn! “Refresh me with apples,” the beloved appeals (Song of Songs 2:5), stirring visions of one of fall’s favorite crops. Wait with me, hope with me, in whatever […]

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