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A Garden’s Gifts

a bow tied on a garden pot reminds that the garden is full of gifts

Christmas time is here and with it, the joy-mixed-with-bewilderment at finding just-perfect gifts for our loved ones. Have no fear! Already your garden knows precisely what to give you: Work, patience, and satisfaction. Hmmm, do I remember asking for these…?? They are presents not likely to be on a “wish list,” and not easily set […]

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A Small Flower’s Big Story

small flowers of star of Bethlehem

Spring’s perennial flowers include the age-old star of Bethlehem. This may be the delight of your garden’s returning flourish, or the disdain! Depending on your region, these small flowers are greeted with a smile or a scourge; they bring bright, starry-joy to flower beds, or they mount a full-scale invasion. And there was a great […]

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Garden Goofs & Bible Humor

green bay tree all dried up

Several goof-ups in my garden this season would otherwise upset and discourage me. Instead, I am seeing Bible humor! Why? Because in each case, a verse from God’s Word came instantly to mind in a flourish of subtle tease, much like the time I was stung by paper wasps the very week of working on […]

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Worry & Wildflowers

anemones painted by Maude Francis Neel c. 1980

Today I woke up with worry…how you must hate to see your saints waking up with worry, O God! How many times you tell me not to worry and how many flowers you have grown to remind me. The earth is covered with wildflowers, a special species for nearly every region, and by planting them in […]

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