Worry & Wildflowers

anemones painted by Maude Francis Neel c. 1980

Today I woke up with worry…how you must hate to see your saints waking up with worry, O God! How many times you tell me not to worry and how many flowers you have grown to remind me.

The earth is covered with wildflowers,

a special species for nearly every region, and by planting them in our gardens, we are imitating you—filling our yards as you have filled your fields. Which reminds me to place my order for crown anemone bulbs. I hope to look upon the very flowers you looked upon as you walked the roads of the Holy Land. O Lord, could my garden become your holy land? A planted plot set apart with the testimony that you have conquered every fretful trouble (John 16:33). Anemone coronaria bloom with bold color—riveting red or purple, or a bride’s delight, white. All shades are punctuated with black centers, adored by artists like my great-grandmother Maude Francis Neel. Yet any flower will do!

Turn my focus from burdens to blossoms;

let’s go out to the garden, Lord, to see what posy is present this moment to proclaim that you know what I need. You will see that I am fed, watered and clothed  (Luke 12:22-32) Even the words I need to speak you will supply (v.12). In fact, it is your pleasure to give me everything from your kingdom.

Fancy that, I think my great-grandmother might say, God convinces his people of his provision with wildflowers. I’d better gather a vase-full for my bedside, as she must have—much better than worry to wake up to!


Read more about crown anemones in the NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible, page 1173 & see a week’s series of devotions on planting flowers, pages a-23 & a-24.


Photo Credit: Hand painted crown anemones by Maude Francis Neel, c. 1980


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  1. Judy Davidson April 9, 2014 at 9:10 am #

    Turning Worries to Blossoms!! So beautifully said. I love it. Only our wonderful Lord can produce blossoms from worries. Praise Him.

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