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In Praise of Public Gardens

bench surrounded in flowers in public gardens

This week is National Public Gardens week, May 13th—May 19th, initiated by the American Public Gardens Association (APGA), a sort of reminder to “stop and smell the roses.” While plantings at our nation’s public gardens include so much more than roses, the sentiment is the same — to halt our harried lives, be still, and […]

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Garden Contrasts and the Wandering Way

wandering Jew in morning sunlight

Contrasts have fascinated me throughout this spring and summer season. In my speeches, we have been exploring stories from God’s Word of garden and desert, lush and barren landscapes, and garden expressions of darkness and light. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 NIV No wonder, then, […]

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Artemisia, My Garden MVP

Artemisia related to Wormwood of the Bible

Memorial Day weekend is a sort of season opener for gardeners. So with the holiday past and gardening now in full swing, do the weeds seem to be winning? The best defense is a good offense, many sportsmen would say, and on this premise any gardener hoping for weed-free flower beds will plant Artemisia, member […]

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Welcomed Home with Garden Wonders

small bouquets with big meaning

How wonderful the infusion of scent, beauty and blooms to the frazzle of my day! Take me away, dear garden, dear God; refresh me in the reality of your ways and breakthrough webs of worry with your brilliance. Our daughter was headed home from her college semester, and I wanted to greet her with the […]

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