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“Surely” Poppies

"surely" poppies in the garden

On this National Day of Prayer, let us gather in God’s steadfast presence and recount his protection and provision. Surely the existence of our nation could not be a more perfect demonstration of God’s guidance and blessing; in God we trust! Speaking of, this word stands out in searching the praises of God in the […]

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A Winter Letter

BRIT Herbarium guest book

Dear Garden in Delight Blog Subscribers, Greetings in 2019! I hope you have had a cozy winter, some of us frozen in the polar vortex, some under gentler blankets of snow; or if you are a Texan gardener, you know the warm air and weeds are here already! Today’s post is just a keep-in-touch letter. […]

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Come to Me in Crown Anemones

single crown anemone bloom first of the season

The bloom is on! Rosen School of Hebrew reports that southern Israel is resplendent in red—crown anemones are covering the fields, and “the red south, darom adom (דָּרוֹם אָדוֹם), becomes a huge tourist attraction,” bringing “thousands of people to see this miracle blooming and the beautiful green fields…” Crown anemones are endeared in Israeli hearts, […]

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Simple Thanks in 5 Solas

Jo Ann Gardner's horseshoe flower

Wishing you, dear gardener, a happy Thanksgiving and a beautiful day filled in the simplest ways with God’s blessing! While God creates in rich, wide, deep, and complexly intricate ways, layered over time and space and intellect, His ways are profoundly simple. How refreshed I was this fall in learning the “5 Solas” inspired by […]

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Turning Worry into Wildflowers

Bluebonnets in Irving TX

Traveling from Texas to Vancouver, WA in the last week, I have had the joy of seeing the two regions’ wildflower favorites in full bloom—bluebonnets and Camas lilies. Both blossoms adorn fields in take-your-breath-away blue. Such stunning displays of wildflowers bring me back to Jesus’ garden-goad not to worry about my life. Enjoy an old favorite […]

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Find Something Blooming

crown anemone 'de caen' in full bloom

I delight greatly in the Lord; my soul rejoices in my God… Isaiah 61:10 NIV A walk through a garden almost always reveals something blooming; finding even one new flower is like discovering a secret, its surprise certain to delight and send a sense of rescue and relief through our souls. …for just as the […]

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Blooming Deserts

autumn crocus blooms the deserts Isaiah 35:1-2

Bulb catalogs are arriving in mailboxes and email blasts, making me daydream about the surge of color that the solitary blooms send up and beckoning me to add such splashes of dramatic display to our garden. Many bulbs are native to the Bible lands, flowering in spring or fall and surviving the hot, rainless summer […]

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Worry & Wildflowers

anemones painted by Maude Francis Neel c. 1980

Today I woke up with worry…how you must hate to see your saints waking up with worry, O God! How many times you tell me not to worry and how many flowers you have grown to remind me. The earth is covered with wildflowers, a special species for nearly every region, and by planting them in […]

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