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Praising the Lord in Leeks, Onions & Garlic

harvested and hanging garlic

Now the people complained about their hardships…We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. Numbers 11:1, 5 NIV Some of us are harvesting garlic (although some of us are still waiting). How about an Amen! for the alliums—garlic and their sidekicks, leeks and onions, that add […]

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Garden Broth

garden broth-copper soup pot in the garden

Welcome back to the Garden in Delight blog! Click here for the official Groundhog’s Report! This time of year, with chilling temperatures steeped in spring’s arrival, gardeners are eager to get back to gardening, dreaming of the days abundant harvests fill the dinner table. In the meantime, with a ways to go before seeds sprout and produce matures for […]

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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Atlanta?


Once again, The Association of Garden Communicators (GWA) gathered its gaggle of writers, editors, photographers, videographers, marketers, etc. for its annual conference—nothing is more fun than being with a group who loves everything garden and who are crazy to communicate the joy and intrigue in a meaningful way. We took Atlanta by storm; literally the […]

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Pumpkin Lasagna Recipe

pumpkin dandelion greens lasagna garden in delight

We can’t let the season pass without a pumpkin recipe! Pumpkin has made a dazzling display this year, debuting in everything from beer to doughnuts. One recipe recently caught my eye, Pumpkin-and-Turnip Green Lasagna, from Southern Living Magazine, October 2015. Lasagna? Now pumpkin seems to be truly found in every place! With a few tweaks to […]

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A Recipe for Lentil Summer Salad

Lentil Summer Salad with chard leaf

Lentils speak of stew. Their strong flavor and hearty texture seem to beckon a warm, allium-blessed broth. This image is captured in God’s Word, a steaming pot of lentils grabbing Esau’s appetite: Once when Jacob was cooking some stew, Esau came in from the open country, famished…Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil […]

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A Most, Best Christmas Gift

'Ruby Streaks' mustard growing in a Texas garden

O dear, this glorious season of wonder has once again drawn me into too much to-do! Somewhere between the most wonderful time of the year and glory in the highest is an exaggeration of what I can possibly accomplish. However, as the angel commands, Fear not! This is the promised land of hyperbole, designed to […]

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Leeks, Onions and Garlic Start a Soup Recipe

A still life of leeks, onions and garlic before being diced and chopped for Wandering the Sinai Soup

Leeks, onions and garlic—any sautéed combination of these three is sure to start a soup recipe! October ushers in crisp evenings, calling for simmering pots and cozy mugs full of steaming soups. Grocery stores and farmer’s markets have ample supply of these Allium ingredients, yet growing your own yields a dimension of flavor you will […]

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Savory Seeds

Nigella sativa flower and seed pod

The Garden in Delight Plant Guide has two new beloved Middle Eastern spices, savory seeds fruiting from nigella and cumin flowers, unique plants you can grow in your garden. God’s Word cites these two crops in Isaiah 28, noting the details of sowing and harvesting these blossoming annuals after grains were taken up in spring. […]

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Plants to Cultivate

Psalm 104:14 plants to cultivate

Our Plant Guide is expanding! Announcing new plants for you to cultivate-or some old friends you may never have realized have a home in God’s Word. May Scriptures pour off the page and into your heart as you work and take care of them in your garden.   Hyssop By now an old favorite, hyssop took […]

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