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A Lenten Look at Trees: Fig

Mark 13:28 fig leaves budding on a garden tree

March 1st marks the beginning of Lent, a 40 day time of reverence and repentance in preparation for the Easter celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Lent is more than just giving up our favoite treats, indulgences, or comfort, however—we must guard against a dutiful relationship with the Lord. We must keep ourselves from a […]

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Zera’ & Seed Saving

zera seed saving from the garden

With many plants going to seed in the waning autumn sun, let’s talk seed saving. As a beginning gardener, I never gave much effort towards such practice; seeds’ inconsequential size and seemingly infinite supply trivialized their worth to me. Yet now I see the season-end gift from our garden in seeds! First of all, through […]

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Fresh Kale & Date Salad

kale date salad stands up to summer heat

Need a salad that stands up to the summer heat, packed with summer sweetness and the taste-and-see goodness of God’s Word? Try the following Fresh Kale & Date Salad recipe, a variation on traditional coleslaw. The leaves listed in the ingredients can be grown in the home garden, found at the farmer’s market, or grocery […]

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Coast-to-Coast Cedar of Lebanon

Hoyt cedar of Lebanon needles CP

Gardeners, don’t you love the way our crazy passion seems to crop up everywhere we go? I had two weekends of travel this spring, in what I thought would be time away from our growing Bible garden…surprise! With a little digging, I discovered our anniversary trip to New York and my visit with family and […]

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Bitter Herbs Banter

bowl of bitter herbs

This weekend brings Passover celebrations to the Jewish community, no better time to add bitter herbs to the Garden in Delight Plant Guide! “Bitter herbs” is a general, non-botanical term in the Bible, leaving several candidates that were likely growing in ancient Egypt at the time God appointed them to the Passover meal—plenty to banter […]

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The Lord Forgives: Planting Hyssop

psalm 51-7 hyssop ready for planting in a pot of Bible

“Plant a Pot of Bible” is a series of devotions that go along with planting some of the herbs, spices, and edibles scattered across the pages of the Bible in our own garden pot. By the end of the series, we hope for a deeper understanding of who God is and what He has done…along with […]

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Almond’s First Watch

almond blossoms against a petaled snowfall

Welcome back to the Garden in Delight blog, happy 2016! According to the Groundhog, spring will have an early arrival this year. We’d best add Almond to the Plant Guide, then, for nothing speaks more delightfully of spring’s hastening than the early, snow white flowering of these Holy Land trees. As promised, enjoy a poem to make it all […]

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Pomegranate Ministry

pomegranate flower detail

A recent visit with Oh Deery Floral prompted our attention to pomegranates, for this organic wedding florist enjoys 23 trees in her home office backyard, and incorporates their greenery in her designs for a fruitful flair. A young business owner, Briley Studdard stepped in faith, following her delight for flowers into a new career in floral design. […]

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A Grapevine Toast

carved grapevine detail

A grapevine toast from the wine country of Sonoma, California! Our recent visit to the area endeared me all the more to grapevines and their culture, infusing grapevine Scriptures with a new depth of delight for having walked a land growing with grapes. Cheers, and welcome grapevine to the Plant Guide. Garden Visit to Robert […]

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Pentecost Poetry

wheat shocks in the field

Pentecost Sunday celebrates the 50th day since Easter, or as farmers and gardeners would recount, the time between the barley harvest and the wheat harvest. Mighty moments mark this day, and what better way to commemorate than to add Wheat to the Plant Guide and the A-to-Z Plants from God’s Word. May the LORD’s mighty […]

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