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Freedom to Read: Presidents’ Gardens Book Review

presidents gardens book review

Take it from a Texas gardener—July is a time to quit gardening and hit the books! With all in place from spring gardening’s planting flurry, let summer’s heat lead you to retreat, and may your garden become a gorgeous backdrop to reading a great book. My personal pick this summer: All the Presidents’ Gardens by […]

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Happy Summer Reading Book Review

recommended summer reading Vegetables Love Flowers Lisa Mason Ziegler

These days, the trends of “grow your own,” “locally grown,” and my favorite, clever catch phrase, “eat the yard,” have added such flourish to the idea of eating fresh, that “vegetables” and “love” are commonly found in the same sentence. It is no surprise, then, that Vegetables Love Flowers, Companion Planting for Beauty and Bounty, […]

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Reading is Freedom: Hamilton Book Review for Summer Reading

Hamilton The Revolution in a garden's hyssop shining in the light

By now fans of the Garden in Delight blog agree that where gardening ends, reading begins. When temperatures push the extremes of summer or winter weather, we cherish the garden for the rest and retreat it reminds us to receive. Head somewhere shady and breezy temperatures as rise, and give up the trowel in hand […]

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Patriot Day Reading

Patriot Day red pears

Patriot Day is upon us, the day of remembrance for the tragedies suffered 15 years ago in our land. A moment of silence observed at 8:46 am EST will bring us together, uniting our hearts to honor and commemorate the lives lost, both victims of the terrorist attacks and those who gave their lives in […]

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Reading is Freedom: Book Review for Summer Reading

reading is freedom

Happy 4th of July! The time of our nation’s celebration of freedom marks a sort of culmination in the seasonal life of the American garden. By now, the mad dash of planting and cultivating that spring inspires has grown and bloomed to a point of enjoyment; hopefully a few homegrown tomatoes will grace the weekend’s grilled […]

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Book Review: Coffee for Roses

Coffee for Roses review

During days full of strive and struggle, how pleasant is the thought of curling up with a cozy quilt and a good book, warmed by the savory steam of freshly-brewed coffee? O Lord, thank you for the sweet relief in a moment’s rest, a pause and linger in the face of pressures! Book Review Coffee […]

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Growing Mustard in Rhyme and Meter

let mustard greens remind to have faith!

Welcome back to the Garden in Delight blog, happy 2015! New possibilities seem especially bright at the beginning of the year, so best to get Mustard in the Plant Guide, the plant marking faith in God’s possibilities. As promised, enjoy a poem to make it all the sweeter by adding plants in rhyme and meter. Before long […]

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More Bible Plant Books

Herball of the Bible, the original Bible plant book from 1587

A remarkable coincidence has occurred this year: Two books have been published about Bible plants, highlighting the multitude of horticultural meaning hidden in the ancient Scriptures. God’s Word for Gardeners Bible was published this spring, followed by Seeds of Transcendence: Understanding the Hebrew Bible Through Plants, newly released this fall. These books give the rich, old heritage […]

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