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Patient Endurance Pesto

pesto recipe made with pistachios

So much for summer heat—most of the country has been on the cool side since Saturday, the first day of summer, or socked-in with storms. What’s a gardener to do on a rainy day? Cook from the garden! Pesto, a savory sauce made from basil, showcases homegrown herbs in the most delightful way. What connects […]

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Luxuriant Leaves

Bay Laurel Laurus noblis it true to its luxuriant name in the NIV Bible

My acquaintance with bay leaves began by way of cooking. My mother introduced us when I was young by seasoning her vermouth broth with the savory leaves when serving Dungeness crab, a delicious winter dinner when the season peaks for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn’t connect the herbal leaves to […]

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Welcomed Home with Garden Wonders

small bouquets with big meaning

How wonderful the infusion of scent, beauty and blooms to the frazzle of my day! Take me away, dear garden, dear God; refresh me in the reality of your ways and breakthrough webs of worry with your brilliance. Our daughter was headed home from her college semester, and I wanted to greet her with the […]

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Weed & Barley Recipe

Wasabi Arugula gone wild in the garden

The coming of spring also means the coming of weeds. Some pretend that a weed is just a plant growing where it isn’t wanted. True, I planted wasabi arugula last year, eager to try a full range of mustard family greens, excited for their possibilities (Matthew 17:20). Yet this spring, I am witnessing first-hand the […]

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