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Celebrate the Harvest with Barley Biscotti

barley biscotti and pomegranate leaves

As autumn settles in, the delights of the harvest are ours to celebrate. The pell-mell pandemonium and near panic of watering, weeding, and watching over plants for pests and fertilizing needs all summer are put to rest. Harvest fruits are frozen for future use or captured deliciously in salads, sauces, soups, pies, and preserves. Of […]

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Pentecost Poetry

wheat shocks in the field

Pentecost Sunday celebrates the 50th day since Easter, or as farmers and gardeners would recount, the time between the barley harvest and the wheat harvest. Mighty moments mark this day, and what better way to commemorate than to add Wheat to the Plant Guide and the A-to-Z Plants from God’s Word. May the LORD’s mighty […]

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An Easter Feast with Barley Bread

3 barley loaves and hyssop sprigs

Our Lenten bread adventure simply must end with barley, for this humble grain stands witness in God’s Word to all we celebrate this weekend. The time of barley harvest was the background of the Israelites’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt (Exodus 9:31), the epic story celebrated as the Passover meal. In turn, Passover is the […]

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A Barley Field Prayer

barley field with poppies © Ldambies | Dreamstime.com

  A Barley Field Prayer from the NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible, inspired by the troops who stood firm in a barley field. At a place where there was a field full of barley, the troops fled from the Philistines. 14 But they took their stand in the middle of the field. They defended […]

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