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Blue Wheat in Time for Feast of Weeks

Utrecht Blue wheat heads grown in a garden

We all love our amber waves of grain, but did you know wheat comes in blue? When I first saw Utrecht Blue wheat offered by Botanical Interests seed company, I was an instant fan! I love to interweave plants of the Bible in garden design, and thought this would be a whimsical way to grow […]

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Garden Prayers for Persecutors

garden path invites prayer

But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who harass you so that you will be acting as children of your Father who is in heaven. He makes the sun rise on both the evil and the good and sends rain on both the righteous and the unrighteous. Matthew 5:44 – […]

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San Antonio’s Sacred Garden

water fountain in SAcred Garden at SABOT

San Antonio’s Sacred Garden, a sheltered, hidden plot in the heart of the San Antonio Botanical Garden, holds a treasure trove of Biblical plants, a must-see for those who seek out the holiness of gardens. Actually, with a similar latitude and need for water savviness as the Levant, plants from the Bible are easy to […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

harvest cornicopia with Israel and American fruit

H A P P Y   T H A N K S G I V I N G ! ! ! Our treasured day to gather together and celebrate the abundant harvest is here! We may have actual harvests or metaphorical ones…or our abundance and good favor may remain a matter of waiting for now. […]

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Celebrate the Harvest with Barley Biscotti

barley biscotti and pomegranate leaves

As autumn settles in, the delights of the harvest are ours to celebrate. The pell-mell pandemonium and near panic of watering, weeding, and watching over plants for pests and fertilizing needs all summer are put to rest. Harvest fruits are frozen for future use or captured deliciously in salads, sauces, soups, pies, and preserves. Of […]

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Pentecost Poetry

wheat shocks in the field

Pentecost Sunday celebrates the 50th day since Easter, or as farmers and gardeners would recount, the time between the barley harvest and the wheat harvest. Mighty moments mark this day, and what better way to commemorate than to add Wheat to the Plant Guide and the A-to-Z Plants from God’s Word. May the LORD’s mighty […]

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A Lenten Look at Bread

bread and lenten roses in blue

What’s a gardener to do in the winter break from gardening? Bake bread! Mercy, am I a magnet to time-consuming activities?! Where did this begin? Breaking Through Layers of Bread Stories I am not the first gardener to gravitate to bread-making, evidenced in the poignant, quick-witted memoirs of William Alexander, The $64 Dollar Tomato and […]

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