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Ways of Faith in a Potato Vine

Potato vines grow with vigor picturing God's vine-like vitality

A garden is a place where the ways of faith can be embraced or experienced in a hands-on, intuitive way: Grow your faith while growing your garden, the NIV God’s Word for Gardeners Bible proclaims. That is, belief in God’s Word can grow within us as we witness the ways the plants in our gardens […]

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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Pittsburgh?

Acacia leaf detail Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden

What a marvelous weekend I enjoyed with fellow garden writers at the Garden Writers Association Symposium in Pittsburgh. There is a sort of madness in our souls when it comes to gardening! It was exciting, engaging and encouraging to be with those who work as I do to communicate the grand (and humbling!) story of […]

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Bringing Forth Food from the Earth

'Green Wave' mustard sprouts Luke 13:19

I began my gardening life because I loved flowers. I was content to cultivate blooms; besides, vegetable gardening seemed beyond my abilities. Yet as I dug deeper into God’s Word, Jesus talked so much about mustard seeds, I was compelled to plant them. He simply caught my attention, with all his mention—  The kingdom of […]

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Blooming Deserts

autumn crocus blooms the deserts Isaiah 35:1-2

Bulb catalogs are arriving in mailboxes and email blasts, making me daydream about the surge of color that the solitary blooms send up and beckoning me to add such splashes of dramatic display to our garden. Many bulbs are native to the Bible lands, flowering in spring or fall and surviving the hot, rainless summer […]

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God Bless our Soldiers

US military men and women return to American soil to work the soil

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate our freedom as citizens of the United States of America, our hearts are filled with thanksgiving for those in our military who have secured and protected our freedom. What could be better than the willingness of these individuals to serve our nation? The safe return of our heroes to […]

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Your Garden & God’s Great Garden Stories meet God's Word in your garden

Do you believe your garden to be among God’s great garden stories? Are you open to the possibility that as we go about working and taking care of our yards, gardens or farms, God’s wisdom will fill our minds, directing our thoughts in his ways? That is, as we tackle our garden chores, we can […]

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Plants to Cultivate

Psalm 104:14 plants to cultivate

Our Plant Guide is expanding! Announcing new plants for you to cultivate-or some old friends you may never have realized have a home in God’s Word. May Scriptures pour off the page and into your heart as you work and take care of them in your garden.   Hyssop By now an old favorite, hyssop took […]

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Like Olive Shoots

Olive tree trunks send out an abundance of shoots Psalm 128:3

A gardener or olive grove caretaker (olive dresser?) would never let us see such a sight; growth sprouting from the tree trunk is properly removed or propagated as cuttings. Yet today’s untended olive tree with its shoots abounding and growing at will demonstrate for us the exuberant life within a craggy, crooked olive trunk, an […]

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Artemisia, My Garden MVP

Artemisia related to Wormwood of the Bible

Memorial Day weekend is a sort of season opener for gardeners. So with the holiday past and gardening now in full swing, do the weeds seem to be winning? The best defense is a good offense, many sportsmen would say, and on this premise any gardener hoping for weed-free flower beds will plant Artemisia, member […]

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Luxuriant Leaves

Bay Laurel Laurus noblis it true to its luxuriant name in the NIV Bible

My acquaintance with bay leaves began by way of cooking. My mother introduced us when I was young by seasoning her vermouth broth with the savory leaves when serving Dungeness crab, a delicious winter dinner when the season peaks for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I didn’t connect the herbal leaves to […]

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