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Juniper Joy

Greek juniper berries on branches

Juniper is one of the unsung heroes of the season’s evergreenery—not today! Today let us burst into song, as the Lord commands his mountains, and clap our hands as He decrees to forests, in jubilant praise of junipers. They are a gloriously fragrant genus of branches to help us deck the halls this holiday season. […]

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Magnificence in the Manger Scene

old family manger scene

And this is my prayer for us, dear Gardeners, on the first of December: May the beautiful, ancient Christmas story glitter with something new. May a facet of the story—the timing, the relationships, a precious detail, perhaps—catch our eye, our heart, kindling deeper devotion. May a dimension open up, take our breath away, and draw […]

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Reading is Freedom: Book Review for Summer Reading

reading is freedom

Happy 4th of July! The time of our nation’s celebration of freedom marks a sort of culmination in the seasonal life of the American garden. By now, the mad dash of planting and cultivating that spring inspires has grown and bloomed to a point of enjoyment; hopefully a few homegrown tomatoes will grace the weekend’s grilled […]

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Coast-to-Coast Cedar of Lebanon

Hoyt cedar of Lebanon needles CP

Gardeners, don’t you love the way our crazy passion seems to crop up everywhere we go? I had two weekends of travel this spring, in what I thought would be time away from our growing Bible garden…surprise! With a little digging, I discovered our anniversary trip to New York and my visit with family and […]

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A Glory of Lebanon Garden

Cedar of Lebanon Cones upright on the branch

‘Tis the season for greenery! How glorious to celebrate Christmas by decking the halls with evergreen boughs – their faithful hues and fresh fragrance soothing and triumphant all in one whiff! Wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees add wonder; God’s Word agrees, proclaiming the glory of bringing in branches to beautify: The glory of Lebanon will […]

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Hidden Meaning in the Horticulture

hyssop grows out of walls 1 kings 4:33

He spoke about plant life, from the cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls. 1 Kings 4:33 NIV “From the cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls,” describes the expanse of Solomon’s knowledge, implying that he knew a lot. Yet a gardener’s reading of these words, lingering […]

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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Pittsburgh?

Acacia leaf detail Rodef Shalom Biblical Botanical Garden

What a marvelous weekend I enjoyed with fellow garden writers at the Garden Writers Association Symposium in Pittsburgh. There is a sort of madness in our souls when it comes to gardening! It was exciting, engaging and encouraging to be with those who work as I do to communicate the grand (and humbling!) story of […]

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