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Garden Volunteers

a nigella seedling reveals a garden volunteers

Garden “volunteers” is a term with two meanings. Surely, we are fortunate when others volunteer to help us with our work in the garden! However, horticulture holds its own unique definition, describing with quaint expression a subtle yet delightful discovery: seeds lingering from last year’s annuals sprouting and growing all on their own, poised to […]

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Garden Goofs & Bible Humor

green bay tree all dried up

Several goof-ups in my garden this season would otherwise upset and discourage me. Instead, I am seeing Bible humor! Why? Because in each case, a verse from God’s Word came instantly to mind in a flourish of subtle tease, much like the time I was stung by paper wasps the very week of working on […]

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Reading is Freedom: Hamilton Book Review for Summer Reading

Hamilton The Revolution in a garden's hyssop shining in the light

By now fans of the Garden in Delight blog agree that where gardening ends, reading begins. When temperatures push the extremes of summer or winter weather, we cherish the garden for the rest and retreat it reminds us to receive. Head somewhere shady and breezy temperatures as rise, and give up the trowel in hand […]

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The Promise of a Pollinator Garden

bee with daithy aspaagus flowers

It may seem as if everywhere you are hearing the buzz about pollinator gardens; that’s because the National Pollinator Garden Network is on a mission to inspire home gardeners to help support the health of pollinators. The mission objective? To increase pollinator populations, thereby securing the future of our country’s food production. Nectar- and pollen-providing […]

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Magnificence in the Manger Scene

old family manger scene

And this is my prayer for us, dear Gardeners, on the first of December: May the beautiful, ancient Christmas story glitter with something new. May a facet of the story—the timing, the relationships, a precious detail, perhaps—catch our eye, our heart, kindling deeper devotion. May a dimension open up, take our breath away, and draw […]

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The Lord Forgives: Planting Hyssop

psalm 51-7 hyssop ready for planting in a pot of Bible

“Plant a Pot of Bible” is a series of devotions that go along with planting some of the herbs, spices, and edibles scattered across the pages of the Bible in our own garden pot. By the end of the series, we hope for a deeper understanding of who God is and what He has done…along with […]

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Pumpkin Lasagna Recipe

pumpkin dandelion greens lasagna garden in delight

We can’t let the season pass without a pumpkin recipe! Pumpkin has made a dazzling display this year, debuting in everything from beer to doughnuts. One recipe recently caught my eye, Pumpkin-and-Turnip Green Lasagna, from Southern Living Magazine, October 2015. Lasagna? Now pumpkin seems to be truly found in every place! With a few tweaks to […]

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Where Can I Find Bible Plants in Pasadena?

Sycomore fruit and leaf LA ARboretum

Last month garden writers assembled to fill our hearts with fortitude and the forward progress that comes in gathering together. The Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium is a joyful congregation of writers of all sorts—blogs, books, garden news columns, garden catalogs, etc.—along with those who represent the full range of our writing material: plant propagators, […]

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Healing Leaves

Leaves...for the healing for the nations Rev 22:2

With fall approaching, leaves will soon be filling up our garden view, whether we are gazing at spectacular autumn color or leaf-littered lawns! Enjoy the following “leaves” Scriptures, for the hours ahead, lost in raking, shredding, mulching, playing, and hauling to compost, and see a connect-the-dots-style drama unfold of God’s forgiveness and healing. Scene 1: […]

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Hidden Meaning in the Horticulture

hyssop grows out of walls 1 kings 4:33

He spoke about plant life, from the cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls. 1 Kings 4:33 NIV “From the cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls,” describes the expanse of Solomon’s knowledge, implying that he knew a lot. Yet a gardener’s reading of these words, lingering […]

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