Yearly Joy with Leafy Myrtle Trees

Yearly Joy with Leafy Myrtle Trees

myrtle branches from dreamstime

Today’s blog is planted in the Jewish high holy days, with the Feast of Tabernacles beginning next week. The Feast of Tabernacles, also called Feast of Booths or Feast of Ingathering, is the third of three yearly festivals or appointments with the Lord, the one celebrated with the most joy! And why not? ALL the […]

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Bitter Herbs Blitz

growing bitter herbs escarole detail

Do you feel fall in the air? September sends signs of autumn in the subtle changes of light and slightly cooler breezes. Although this year, anything goes with the fearful, eventful hurricanes, earthquakes, and hail! Still, by the end of the month, fall will be official and garden time will be filled with clean up […]

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Acanthus Everywhere

Acanthus syriacus flowers by Snow Monkey Pottery

With the great benefit of garden travel via GWA: The Association of Garden Communicators and the organization’s annual meetings, I have seen gardens north, south, east, and west—from Pasadena’s chaparral to Quebec’s well-watered scenery. What is one plant that surprisingly accommodates such a variety of situation? Acanthus. I have seen acanthus everywhere! In honor of […]

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A Bible Gardener Visits Buffalo, NY

Bible gardener visits Buffalo, NY

I’m not sure there could be a bigger garden welcome than the one awaiting visitors to Buffalo, NY, in late July! The energetic citizens of one of America’s greatest northern cities have endured much—from difficult winters to economic decline, yet they have fought back in glorious gardens, restoring community, tourism, triumph, prosperity, and joy to […]

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Little by Little

little deja bloom azalea flowers

Let us ponder one of the most precious and important gifts of the garden life: Delighting in little things. A new bloom, a tenacious tendril, a flush of exquisite color—little occurrences as garden plants grow throughout the seasons seem big and exciting in the time frame of a morning glimpse or evening stroll. For me, […]

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Garden Goofs & Bible Humor

green bay tree all dried up

Several goof-ups in my garden this season would otherwise upset and discourage me. Instead, I am seeing Bible humor! Why? Because in each case, a verse from God’s Word came instantly to mind in a flourish of subtle tease, much like the time I was stung by paper wasps the very week of working on […]

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Reading is Freedom: Hamilton Book Review for Summer Reading

Hamilton The Revolution in a garden's hyssop shining in the light

By now fans of the Garden in Delight blog agree that where gardening ends, reading begins. When temperatures push the extremes of summer or winter weather, we cherish the garden for the rest and retreat it reminds us to receive. Head somewhere shady and breezy temperatures rise, and give up the trowel in hand for […]

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Elegant Elaeagnus

olive martini elaeagnus multigreen hues

Summer has officially arrived! To welcome summer in the garden is to enter into the deep, inviting wonder of lush foliage. Most beloved perennials and brightly colored bulbs have had their burst of bloom throughout the spring, and the baton is passed to hardy shrubs and herbs to hold up garden beauty as the year’s […]

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Ode to Nigella

nigella flower in a Texas garden

Nigella’s gentle, happy presence lingering in our garden for the length of spring has moved me to write a poem. Any plant that offers this much delight to its gardener and dazzle to its garden is worthy of a wordy-flourish! I hope to pass on the flirty genius of these annuals and convince you as […]

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Praising the Lord in Leeks, Onions & Garlic

harvested and hanging garlic

Now the people complained about their hardships…We remember the fish we ate in Egypt at no cost—also the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic. Numbers 11:1, 5 NIV Some of us are harvesting garlic (although some of us are still waiting). How about an Amen! for the alliums—garlic and their sidekicks, leeks and onions, that add […]

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